Sfiziosità started from our passion for food and our love for the mountains, to offer excellent food products made in Italy with the best ingredients possible.

"Sfiziosità" is dedicated to quality and the best product possible, we choose with the knowledge of taste and naturalness.

My work is to select small products, usually from family enterprises.

The ingredients are cultivated according to the natural cycle, in an uncontaminated environment in the Piedmont foothills between the Langhe and Monviso. The fruit and vegetables are made into the final product within a few hours of picking and the natural artisan transformation results in a color and smell which comes from the prime ingredients thus rediscovering the antique flavor of the product.

"Sfiziosità" considers its primary goal the quality, the taste and the healthiness of its products in respect to nature and land.  I believe in helping to conserve our health by eating genuine and healthy products which help us to live better.



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Bottega di Chianale

Bottega Sfiziosità awaits you all summer on the Chemin Royale of Chianale (Piedmont, Italy)

You will find all our products in the evocative environment of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy!

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