Onion Sauce Meats and Cheese sauces

Onion Sauce is a particularly versatile product that goes well with meats and cheeses.



110 g

Onion Sauce Sfiziosità is made with onions harvested at their right point of matureness and processed after only a few hours, to obtain a completely natural salsa in respect to traditional piemontese.

The onion sauce Sfiziosità goes well with boiled meats showing off the sweetness and sourness of the onions. It is also perfect to serve with aged cheeses such as cow and sheep. It is delicate enough to accompany boiled potatoes, meat (especially pork loin) and grilled fish; it can be a delightful vegetable for entrees or simply used as decoration. Serve it on mini bruschette as an appetizer!

Average values for 100 g of product
Energy value: 164 kcal / 689 kJ
Fat 9,2 g
  which saturated 1,4 g
Carbohydrates 19 g
  which sugars 9 g
Protein 1,2 g


  • Onion 65%
  • cane sugar
  • vinegar
  • olive oil

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