Flour + Cereal Flour

A mixture of stoneground soft wheat flour type "0", hard wheat flour type "2", whole barley flour, whole spelt flour, whole buckwheat flour.



1000 g


Stone grinding is an old technique that is still used today to grind high quality flours. The slow speed of the wheel keeps the temperature low during the grinding process which removes the risk of cooking the flour, preserving the characteristics of the quality of the flour better. The germ and the essential oils of the grain combine with the starch giving the flour a white-ivory color with dark beige spots; they garuntee the complex smell, the best taste and the conservation of the many beneficial properties present in the grain.

The flour + Cereal Sfiziosità is great for the preparation of bread and focacce.

How to eat

La farina + Cereali Sfiziosità è ottima per la preparazione di pane e focacce


  • Wheat flour type "0"
  • hard wheat flour type "2"
  • whole barley flour
  • whole spelt flour
  • whole buckwheat flour

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