Orzo e Cioccolato (Barley and Chocolate biscuits) Biscuits and Breakfast

Barley and chocolate biscuits, a true harmony for your palate...with wholemeal barley flour and chocolate chips

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250 g

Barley and chocolate Sfiziosità biscuits are a true harmony for the palate! Semi-sweet chocolate chips mix well with the barley flour giving a unique flavor and delicious taste at any time of the day! Excellent to dunk into a good cup of tea... Delightfully packaged in 220g packages, they are an ideal gift...

Average values for 100 g of product
Energy value: 478 kcal / 2000 kJ
Fat 21,6 g
  which saturated 9,7 g
Carbohydrates 64,6 g
  which sugars <0,5 g
Protein 8,7 g
Salts 0,1 g
Fibers 2,4 g
Polyols 9,2 g


  • Wholemeal barleyflour 20%
  • all purpose flour Type "1"
  • butter
  • sunflower oil
  • cane sugar
  • fresh whole milk
  • chocolate 8% (sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier:soy lecithin)
  • toasted cocoa beans
  • fresh egg
  • eavening agent: ammonium bicarbonate
  • salt
  • It may contain traces ofnutshellsandsoy

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